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The Dating of Revelation - Don Preston Review #11

Note: Don Preston is a full preterist and therefore his teaching cannot receive full or blind acceptance. His many videos on YouTube are worthy of listening and interacting with in a timeline manner.

@2:38: It is fair to say "fulfillment of Old Covenant promises" but only as much as it pertains to Israel being divorced as an adulterous wife. The promises of the covenant are not fulfilled as much as the curses of the covenant as fulfilled.

@3:24: I truly do respect Mr Preston for attempting to correlate this passage to the book of Revelation. I'm not sure that I disagree as much as I am fearful of the poor, and I mean really poor, exegesis of this passage. It just is not enough to assume universal imagery of certain phrases and ideas. This would greatly ruin many Old Testament prophecies. It just isn't safe with the bland perspective that Mr Preston is giving.

@5:10: This is a really poor time to stop reading a text. I can't disagree with the translation of the text. Even though my ESV doesn't read the same way, I can accept that the Hebrew supports this rendering. But in the KNJV and NASB the finally of the verse reads, "And will atone for His land and His people."

There is a conflict even within the verse as to what degree this "vindication" is going to take. Mr Preston speaks definitively but the text provides some doubt.

All in all I like this video. Strong areas of concern but I approve of the general link between Deuteronomy 32 and Revelation 19.

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