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An Open Letter to Karl Barth (Part 2)

An Open Letter to Karl Barth (Part 2)

Dr Barth,

Sir, I have written to you previously in lament. I find now that only sufficient Christology solves pathetic ecclesiology. And sufficient ecclesiology is impervious to statism. I wonder if perhaps the denominational differences that have driven a wedge in the Lord's Supper are not manifesting themselves in a divided body. 

How can Christ be divided? Has He taken on multiple brides like Isaac? Has Christ died more than once? Has His body been broken for more than one people? How many people has He called for Himself out of the bondage of Egypt? And yet we cannot sit together at the same table. The bride looks at itself and sees a harlot. The Lord forgive us for measuring out the mint of 1 Corinthians 11 while neglecting the weightier things. 

But sir, I have this question. How do you then proceed to measure out and divide the Word of God? I permit the focus of the Word to be on the Son. The fullness of revelation has stopped with Him (Heb 1:1-2). The written word truly is a step down from the Divine nature of the eternal Logos. But sir, let God be true and every man a liar. The written word need not be negated by the flesh. 

Just as the Virgin born a Redeemer, so also the Holy Spirit places the seed of Divine revelation in the writings of man. Sir, your testimony to the testimony of Scripture is not in question. But you neglect the testimony of the Spirit and the author in the perfect witness of the Son. It is not sufficient for one witness nor was Christ sufficed with only a human witness (John 2:25). 

Sir, I implore you to take your doctrine to its final conclusion. Your perspective on the Scripture leaves men with an excuse since the Son of God does not have enough witnesses. And yet as the Son and Spirit testify through creation of the Father such that none are with excuse, so also the Son must receive His testimony.

Your subdued student. 

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