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The Last Days According to Christ: Understanding the Parousia (R.C. Sproul)


We are continuing our series on preterism as taught by R.C. Sproul. The first video really is important for understanding the passion of preterist. As we move into the more technical points of the series, I expect that the newness of this material could be discomforting to our traditional senses.

I look forward to any potential questions I get as we move forward.

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Sproul's explanation of the general application of progressive evolution is fascinating. One of the things that Sproul is always good for are history and explanation of philosophy. The application of this evolution and anti-supernatural perspective to religion is of course troubling. Ethics are important. Social impact is important. But it isn't the basis of the Kingdom of God and the reign of Jesus Christ. Clearly in a squishy gospel, the return of Jesus Christ was never going to avoid slander by this movement.

The use of "eschatological kingdom" at its introduction was hardly something worth following. But it got the ball rolling in many good way (The emphatic focus on the kingdom coming from above in a catastrophic sense is actually the best description of Jesus Christ's first advent that I have ever heard!). Dodd's phrase "realized eschatology" is increasing even in the most conservative circles. It doesn't mean now everything he meant it to mean then but it has been a beneficial idea. In fact both amillennial and postmillennial perspectives are often referred to as "realized eschatology". And it is one of the phrases that both sides share together in significant contract to premillennialism.

The "already but not yet" terminology is wonderful. The major problem I see with it though is that many modern individuals have found the terms so lacking in definition that everyone can now claim that phrase. Historical Dispensationalism remains dedicated to the 100% future perspective. And postmillennialism remains accused of 100% present perspective. But the reality is everyone is in the middle these days.

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