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My Top Apps #2 "Dropbox"

If there is anyone that doesn't know about "MyDropBox" you really should! It truly is the most useful app that I have on my phone.

Dropbox is a cloud-based software that allows its users to store their files (Up to 2GB for free!) online in order to make access and viewing of their files extremely easy!

Have you ever needed to be able access a document that is saved onto your computer but find that email it to yourself is simply annoying and clutters your inbox. What dropbox allows you to do is place that file in your "dropbox folder". Any file placed there automatically uploads to your dropbox account and can be accessed from any computer that has access to the internet or through the dropbox app on an iPhone or iPad.

It is also very simple to save pictures and videos onto your dropbox account. Therefore if there is a picture on your computer that you would like to share with someone that you are about to go meet. All you need to do is place that picture in your computer's dropbox folder and when you launch your dropbox app the picture will be there!

Its a pretty awesome tool that I think everyone should familiarize themselves with!

Look out for #1 tomorrow!!!


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