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Walking Well the Line?

Over the past several weeks I have been entrenched in thought over the correct way a church should conduct itself. My thoughts over this subject matter have more or less developed from a growing disdain of the mega-church model that litters the urban and suburban landscape of the bible belt. In short I see the mega-church as a type of "culture light" and a "gospel light". In other words it can be compared to a light beer from a worldly or a biblical perspective.

From a worldly perspective, there isn't much difference between the thought life of your average mega-church attendee and those who are engrossed in popular culture. The only difference is those who are enamored with the mega-church culture put a "christian" spin on the culture and lighten up anything that is too edgy. The mega-church is "culture light"

From a biblical perspective the mega-church only presents the biblical message in so far as it doesn't completely offend or alienate the culturally engrossed attendee. Therefore the mega-church is also a "gospel light" environment.

Most churches following this model see themselves as "walking well the line" that is between dead fundamentalism and the evils of culture. I would simply reply that the writers of the New Testament placed little concern on walking this line "well". I would contend this was the last thing they were considering as they were being driven from cities by the tips of whips.

This is by no means a comprehensive analysis of the mega-church (as if one is possible) but these are thoughts I have on the matter.

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