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Marriage & Community

All of our current confusion over sexuality and marriage has only been made possible through the prior disintegration of communities. Both city life and suburbia give the guise of community by either placing one amongst many people (city) or by placing the family in a "guarded" castle (suburbia). Yet in both instances community (for the most part) is far, far away.

Is Wendell Berry Making Me A Pacifist?!?

What I'd like to do in this post is simply share some of the most powerful quotations from this essay with you all. I found, as I read this essay, that many of the deepest presuppositions the Modern West surround the concept of war. Consider the following as an extra dose of "food for thought:"

Am I Reading Wendell Berry or N.D. Wilson???

Each day is filled with "miracles." N.D. Wilson likes to point out that bats really do fly blind, plants really do turn sunlight into food, and caterpillars really do turn into butterflies; these aren't just stories we tell children. If we would heed Christ's admonition to consider the lilies and birds we would be filled with the miraculous wonder that God always intended us to see in His creation.