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Awakened From Cold Vulgarity

Lewis teaches us that the best way to defend children from believing in falsehoods is NOT by telling them that fairytales aren’t real. Rather, by inculcating the just sentiments that fairytales offer, children WILL be able to better defend themselves from falsehoods of the worst variety.

Sluggish Imaginations

The task of our day, much like C.S. Lewis proposed in The Abolition of Man, is a recovery of the imagination. Modern culture has indoctrinated us from our earliest years that the world is a powerful and pointless machine that cannot be stopped. All too often we do not have the imaginative powers to overcome this lie. But the first step to overcoming all evils is to see the evil for what it is. Perhaps Christians will begin to heed the warnings of the likes of Eliot, Percy, and Lewis and question whether they have succumb to the numbness of Modernity and their imaginations too are sluggish.