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Individual choice, instant gratification, and sensory titillation are stalwarts in the American church because they are stalwarts in American secularism: the true enculturating power behind much of American Christianity. The church has been called to be a new world within the bounds of an old world. Yet we seem to content ourselves with the ways and world of the first Adam even while we are called to pray for the kingdom of the second Adam to come on Earth as it is in heaven.

Worldview as Public Statement

Wright notes how all worldviews, including the Christian worldview, attempt to define the world and commit their hears to certain actions to and for the world. This means that the Christian faith can only be private when it has already accepted a secular worldview. Because many Christians have accepted a secular worldview they believe their faith is private and has nothing to say about the world.

Racism in European Soccer

Centralized organizations, whether governments or sports leagues love to "play" god. They like to try to "give" people rights (as though they have that power), they like to try to disperse blessings and curses and they like to try to reconcile groups of people. Yet in every attempt to do this without the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ only further animosity prevails.