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Book Review: NIV Integrated Study Bible

The NIV Integrated Study Bible is both the best chronological Bible available and the best-suited single volume for studying parallel passages. The simplicity and ease with which this can be accomplished is an added benefit. Laymen and teachers alike will benefit greatly from the efforts put forth in this study Bible.

September Book Review

This was a hectic month with some pretty awesome reading from some excellent publishers. There were multiple kid's books reviewed as well. Those are not included here. I commend to you the book review page. There you will find all kinds of awesome stuff. Enjoy regardless.

Book Review: NIV First-Century Study Bible

I am not a fan of study bibles, preferring full commentaries, but the FCSB is now on my short list of recommended resources. In a day and age where every theological tradition has a study Bibles, the FCSB brings back to life the original views of the early church and Jewish Rabbis in a resounding and edifying way.

July Book Recap

July is not yet done. But I won't be producing any more book reviews this month. So here was my month of reviews. A couple Bibles, a couple theology books and a whole lot of page turning. 

Book Review: NIV Essentials Study Bible

In conclusion, Essentials is one of the best study Bibles my eyes and hands have come across. While the NIV translation is not suitable for significant exegetical study, it does make for easy reading. The information provided from the wealth of Zondervan’s study Bibles makes for an outstanding basis of study into the Christian faith.