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John 15

This would seem to support the thesis of Christ’s parable of the soils. It also brings to the forefront the major theme of John's writing: abiding in Christ. Abiding in the true vine is essential for those who have once been cleaned by the word of God.

Rising Above The Scriptures

To every man, therefore, his faith is a sufficient attestation of the eternal predestination of God, so that it would be a shocking sacrilege to carry the inquiry farther; for that man offers an aggravated insult to the Holy Spirit, who refuses to assent to his simple testimony. (Comm. John 6:40)

I Am the Resurrection

As the body of Christ, the church should look to emulate Jesus' model. If Jesus is the resurrection and we are his body then we should look to see the ways in which we can expand the world of the resurrection in the worlds that we inhabit.

The Eyes of Jesus

Perhaps this explains how we can know certain things but not be moved (or broken) until we see. Perhaps this teaches us the importance of seeing in ministry.