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Covenant Through New Eyes: Part 7 – The World of the Temple

In the World of the Temple we have interplay between the storylines of the king(s) (Saul/David/Solomon), the priesthood (Ithamar/Ahimelech/Abiathar vs. Eleazar/Zadok), the Ark, and the Temple, among other things. Unfaithfulness in these areas tends toward the breaking down of the old order while faithfulness in these areas tends towards the establishment of a new world.

Covenant Through New Eyes: Part 5 – The World of the Patriarchs

n the world of the patriarchs god's focus zooms in from the world of Noah to the land of Canaan. It focus from the entire world or 70 nations to just one land and one nation, Israel. Mankind has taken a step of maturation, in God's covenant with Abraham, to where he is now a priest to the nations. The symbolism of dust, stars, trees, altars, pillars and wells is more complicated and simultaneously more glorious. God is moving humanity and His creation back to the garden. But, as we will see, God chooses to move humanity back to the garden in a way that concludes more gloriously than the Garden began, a garden city, New Jerusalem.

Covenant Through New Eyes: Part 3 – Man's Work

As we move forward in this series to look at the scripture’s covenantal history we will find that it is a history of glory transformation. With each turn God is restructuring things in such a way that man is presented with new ways of glorifying him. Further, we will come to find that the final movement in God’s covenantal drama is more glorious than all that precede it because in the final movement God’s work and man’s work are united in Christ.