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Covenant Through New Eyes: Part 5 – The World of the Patriarchs

n the world of the patriarchs god's focus zooms in from the world of Noah to the land of Canaan. It focus from the entire world or 70 nations to just one land and one nation, Israel. Mankind has taken a step of maturation, in God's covenant with Abraham, to where he is now a priest to the nations. The symbolism of dust, stars, trees, altars, pillars and wells is more complicated and simultaneously more glorious. God is moving humanity and His creation back to the garden. But, as we will see, God chooses to move humanity back to the garden in a way that concludes more gloriously than the Garden began, a garden city, New Jerusalem.

Stop. Go back. Re-read that passage from Genesis. God has just finished being awesome. Why is Abraham all worked up about descendants? Isn't God enough? He is. But Abram laments that He will have no one heir to pass Him on to (Prov 13:22). Abram is not saying the heir is more important than God but that God as reward is most glorious when He is an inheritance to children. Yes I did say that.