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“Ditchdigger” (a paraphrase of ideas)

“Ditchdigger” (a paraphrase of ideas)

I would rather look at the extant world

With unvarnished eyes, and let it wound me,

Than settle softly in dishonest sentimentality.


However, although I see variegated realities, I still choose favorites.

This: the maple tree on the river.


The river feeds like a thread through

its predetermined route, and seems solid as I: which is not very.

But we share sunlight and an open sky.


I would rather watch the world than comment on it;

I have no plans for its improvement, except for that improvement

Continually made by the sun

when it refuses to yield its seat of power to ambitious men.


Gold-miners age early and lose themselves in the strain of the chase.

I would rather dig ditches.

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