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Year In Review: 2015 in Music

Year In Review: 2015 in Music

1. Max Richter, The Leftovers

I know next to nothing about the show, but Richter's score is a marvel from start to finish, majestic and haunting in equal measure. (“Don Nobis Pacem 2” is particularly chill-inducing, no matter how many times I hear it.) I bought the album three months ago; if it was a record, I'd have already worn it out. It's even on at night when I go to sleep.

2. The Gray Havens, Fire and Stone

As a fan of the Where Eyes Don't Go EP, I expected this to be good - really good - and it still managed to exceed my hopes in just about every way. Few artists working today have mastered the marriage of storytelling and song as thoroughly as these two have. A mature sophomore effort: lyrically, musically, and theologically rewarding.

3. Muse, Drones

For me, the most anticipated album of the year. It didn't disappoint. And don't you dare listen to it through a crummy sound system. I don't know who you are, and I don't know why you'd do such a thing, but I will find you and I will beat you with a mic stand.

4. Twenty One Pilots, Blurryface

Dope beats, say hello to perspicacious poetry. (Holy Moses, what a sentence.)

5. Rush, 2112

I'll be honest: I don't know if I can actually choose just one Rush album to call my favorite. 2112 is fantastic. But Grace Under Pressure is awesome, too. And so is Hemispheres. And Power Windows. And... dammit.

Honorable Mentions

Coldplay, A Head Full of Dreams

The Oh Hellos, Dear Wormwood

My Epic, Behold 

My Chemical Romance, The Black Parade

Brooke Annibale, The Simple Fear

Body of Death

Body of Death

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