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Music Review: The Highwomen

While I might not return to listen through this album completely, some songs will stick with me and I’m glad for that. But I imagine I’ll be satisfied with the songs and heroines the Highwomen themselves love.

Music Review: Lover

While I wanted to hate this album wholesale, I simply can’t. It’s not great, and often sounds like a collection of slightly undercooked ideas, but more songs will survive on Lover than on Reputation. It’s also the 2nd best album titled Lover that came last month. 

the year of Gundersen

It was the Year of Gundersen, a sort of black hole, but an enjoyable one. It was not an easy year for me: I needed company and constance, and found both in his music, which went with me everywhere. You could get into figuring out whether it's serotonin or dopamine or some other kind of chemical response, but I don't even care: it helped. 

Music Review: Both Ways

It's the album that I will forever remember as the pre-Peter album that encouraged me to live life to the fullest with my (currently only) four children. It's become an album that will forever be a specific moment in my life.

Music Review: Elephant Heart

This won’t be my record of the year, but I will listen to it many more times before the year is out. I don’t think we’ve seen the best Elizabeth Gundersen has to offer, and I look forward to additional singles and releases.

Music Review: Ye

Is this going to be your favorite 23 minutes of Kanye? No. Is this going to have hits that you’ll be jamming to for the next 10 years? Probably not.