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Not a Book Review of Is God Anti-Gay by Sam Allberry

Not a Book Review of Is God Anti-Gay by Sam Allberry

This is book review. But not really a book review. This is more of a promotional review.

I have been so impressed with Is God Anti-Gay from Sam Allberry that I feel it is appropriate to give away some free copies. So let me tell you a couple of the reasons why I like this book enough to purchase copies for random people out of my own pocket. Let me also tell you why I think everyone in the church should read this.

It Is A Small Book

This might not seem like a good reason to give a book away. Take it from someone who reads a lot — people do not like to read big books. Unless the person is intimate with books on a regular basis, a thick book is a deterrent. Allberry's book comes in under 90 pages. It is also small in its physical frame. There is nothing intimidating about the book. That makes it excellent for giving to people who do not read often. Pastors can give it to their busy congregants. Congregants can give it to their busy pastors.

This book needs to be read in its entirety. There are details throughout that are exceptional. At no place does Allberry get dragged into a useless paragraph. Every single page is beneficial. Laymen, pastors with little time, and young children can read this book quickly and be thoroughly satisfied. After you finish it you can recommend it to other individuals.

It Doesn't Place Sex At The Center

How can a book about homosexuality not place sex at the center? By showing how the gospel trumps all sin and alters the way we discuss every sin. Allberry makes a great set of points on why he identifies as "someone who experience same-sex attraction" and not "gay." Primarily, Allberry does not want sexuality to be the defining element of his life. Similarly, the Scriptures are not consumed with sexuality. That is not their point. So we should expect that there will be only a few select passages that address homosexuality directly.

Allberry wants to demonstrate that homosexuality is conquered by the gospel just like every sin. People will continue to struggle with it just like every other sin. And in no way does it define us and who we are. The gospel does that. The gospel must sit at the center.

I love everything about this attitude. The progressive culture is openly worshipping their idols without abandon. Sex and sexuality are the leading candidates for the next Zeus. In our response, the church cannot allow sex and sexuality to gravitate to the middle of our message. It remains a fringe point. This point will be hard to communicate to the world. It can be done graciously and Allberry provides some excellent help in doing that. It will also set us apart greatly from the LGBTQ community which places sexuality at the very epicenter of human existence and experience. As far as I remember, the church should be different.

It Is Thorough And Equipping

The main reason I am excited about giving this book away is because the content it great. I do not want to take away from the value of you purchasing/winning the book so I won't be providing details here. I was not expecting to learn anything terribly new when I purchased this book. I was mostly hoping to find a good book to recommend. I have learned a few things that left me incredibly happy to have decided to read the book.

Many will have read books on homosexuality from conservative heterosexual ministers. As one who experience same sex attraction, Sam Allberry presents a thorough and heartfelt answers to every question in the book. This is not a peripheral and hypothetical issue for him. His answers reflect the thoroughness of his dedication to the Scriptures and the gospel it proclaims. This tiny book is able to communicate all of this. Format, tone, and content in Is God Anti-Gay is primed to equip readers of all ages and occupations.


If all of that was somehow not enough to convince you, let me here make a plea. It does not matter if you experience same-sex attraction. It does not matter if you are close to individuals who experience same-sex attraction. It does not matter if you are not a public minister. The world is obsessed with its worship of sexuality. Is God Anti-Gay provides the most comprehensive and proper attitude to this subject that I have read. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Please visit Sam's website Living Out for further resources.

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