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Top Reads This Week (5/31 – 6/6)

Top Reads This Week (5/31 – 6/6)

The following links are to articles I've read in the past 7 days that I found particularly stimulating and/or insightful. Enjoy!

Ideological Art – Peter Leithart

A short and simple argument for why abstract music is harder to embrace than abstract art. Short version: your forced to listen to A-tonal music whereas you don't have to subject yourself to the horrors of abstract art. More or less a slap in the face to creative wannabes.

Home, Retreat, and the Benedict Option – Jake Meador

Consider this post (and other good ones like it) to serve as a compass for Christians who have swerved due east toward Babylon. We are in desperate need of a change of course and this type of thinking is sure to get us back on the right track.

Ritual, History, Place - No! The Cool Kind – Steven Wedgeworth

Protestant bashing is an increasingly popular trend nowadays. Steven Wedgeworth offers keen and penetrating insights to the whole arena.

Protestant and Proud – Douglas Wilson

Much like Wedgeworth's article, Wilson pushes back against the protestant bashing with force. Yes, protestant has problems. But most of the critiques aren't well founded and are full of double-standards.

New 50 Shades from Christian's Point of View – Joffre Swait

Short and punchy. Essentially the response a Godly woman would give to a pervert.

Freedom Is...a Sexual Ponzi Scheme – Carl Trueman

Maybe my favorite read from this past week. Trueman offers a scathing critique of our societal obsession with sexual "freedom." Trueman points his arrows at several (major) chinks in the armor of the sexual relativist.

God Is Not Enough: The Story of Christian Community – Rich Lusk

In this article Rich Lusk does a wonderful job of showing how "God is not enough." The meaningly provocative title and argument pushes back against a common trend in modern Christianity that emphasizes an individualized faith. Lusk shows how God's design in creation does not intend for man to be alone in communion with God.

I'm a Liberal Professor, and my Liberal Students Terrify Me – Edward Schlosser

A provokative and refreshingly candide article on Vox.com. This liberal professor explains how liberal politics is ruining higher education with its emphasis on "feelings." It's a long article but it's certainly worth your time.

Happy reading.


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