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Lingua de Lewis

Lingua de Lewis

In honor of Lewis Week at Torrey Gazette, I offer here a challenge! Take this “Language of Malacandra Quiz” and come back at the end of the week for the answers. Or read Out of the Silent Planet, aka, the answer sheet. Best of luck!

Lingua de Lewis

A quiz to acquaint one with Malacandran vocabulary.

Taken from C.S. Lewis’ Out of the Silent Planet

Match the phrase with it’s corresponding Malacandran word.

a.     seroni

b.     wondelone

c.      handramit

d.     eldil

e.     pfifltrigg

f.      harandra

g.     hman

h.     hnakra

i.       punt

j.       thulc

1.     to long for

2.     silent

3.     an aquatic monster

4.     the plural form of sorn

5.     a human being

6.     a sky-born creature

7.     lowland

8.     upland

9.     to kill

10.   a frog-like creature

[Editor's Note: This blog is a participant in #LewisWeek]

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