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Birthday & BBQ; why can't the world pause....permanently?!

Birthday & BBQ; why can't the world pause....permanently?!

These days, change is my constant.

In moments of self-reflection it has seemed evident I am learning to cope with change. The tumultuous nature of a daily life enthrall to littles has developed my erstwhile feeble ability to redirect, be spontaneous, and “go with the flow.” I was busy patting myself on the back when it happened.

Railroad BBQ’s sign announced they would be closing.

You need backstory. I have two babies, 18 months apart – the eldest just shy of 2 ½ years old. During my pregnancies I often craved MEAT: ribs, sausage, BRISKET. Railroad BBQ, the local joint down the road and (wait for it) across the railroad tracks, was always happy to oblige with delectable, tender cuts of craving-killing BBQ.

Until they were no longer happy to oblige, aka they closed. This small change sent me spiraling down the rabbit hole. Where would I get BBQ when/if/should-hopefully I become pregnant again? Where would I get BBQ this weekend when the non-pregnant, Texas-born/bred craving hit? How would I annoy my children with ad nauseum “that’s how mom survived her pregnancy with you kids” reminders each time we drove past?

I almost cried. In the car, on our way to patronize another restaurant, the slight quiver of reality changing in this eatery’s closing was my undoing.

My son turns one today. The steady march of time continues, “Ehu fugaces, postume, postume, labunter anni.”

 May our Great God create in me a unchangeable love for this one year old baby boy; bolstered by daily mercies, unlimited forgiveness, and a malleable heart. Ideally, He would also provide a new, local BBQ joint…but now that I’ve had my cry I can relegate that request to second tier.

Happy Birthday, Judah Markus Torrey!

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