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St. Anne's Radio Silence

St. Anne's Radio Silence

Happy Monday!

As you may or may not have noticed St. Anne’s Manor went radio silent last week and didn’t publish any blog posts. I felt the need to explain why before I just reassumed a regular blogging schedule this week.

I had knee surgery last Monday and wasn’t really up to doing much writing while I was in the initial recovery period. While it may seem like laying on the bed post-surgery would be a great time to get a lot of reading and writing done, let me assure you, it’s not. The main reason is due to the pain killers they prescribe you. I’ve been on a milder pain killer over the past seven days but even a mild pain killer makes you rather drowsy and makes concentration almost impossible. In other words, every time I picked up a book to read or opened up my laptop to write I either found myself falling asleep or getting frustrated because I was continually loosing my train of thought.

Anyway, for those of you who might be concerned with more details concerning the surgery let me fill you in.

I’m a big soccer fan and I love to play as well. I’ve played soccer all my life and actually (to brag on myself a little) started for the #1 high school soccer team in the nation while I was in high school! While I no longer play competitively I do continue to play in a Sunday afternoon men’s league with some friends.

Back in October we were playing a regular game and it was then that I injured my knee. It was a non-contact injury. I was running in one direction and stopped to change directions. Unfortunately my cleat stuck in the ground and while the upper part of my leg turned to the right, the lower part of my leg stayed pointed forward. When the pressure went down on my knee it gave out on me, made a loud “pop” noise, and I went down in agony.

I pretty much knew then & there that I had done something serious and after getting my MRI results back a week latter I found out that I had torn the ACL in my left knee. As I already mentioned, I had surgery on it this past Monday and it went really well. The doctor found that I had also partially torn my meniscus so he repaired that as well while I was having surgery.

I’ve already begun physical therapy and I’ve been informed that I’m making good progress. I’ll be in crutches for a few weeks and my recovery (in totality) should take about 6 months (according to the doctor & PT).

All that said I’m feeling much better now and I’m looking forward to getting back in to a regular swing of writing here at St. Anne’s Manor.

Check back tomorrow for a new post more in line with what is usually produced in this space!

See ya then!


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