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I made resolutions for 2014. 


Yes. Those defamed and often defanged declarations of intent. I like resolutions. Especially ones that have a "clean-slate" - like the New Years Resolution. Admittedly, I went a bit overboard this year with my resolutions (I gave myself a goal for each day...yes...for every. day. of. the. year.), but I'm excited to see what all I can accomplish. How can one NOT be excited for a new year? For a new month, a new day? They're gifts to be opened each day - and who knows what adventures may follow?

 - Adventures in the Torrey Roost can range from the lack (or plethora) of stinky diapers to catching the stove on fire whilst attempting new recipes (one time - the stove caught fire multiple times during the same meal prep!). 

You are invited (in part, please no camera crews) to join our 2014 adventure. With prayer, through advice, and unto God's glory, welcome to our 'new year - new you'.

Gasp. Yes, I know! But it's catchy and again - I LIKE it. As I've gotten older, I've grown much more willing to wholeheartedly enjoy that which I enjoy, usually casting me in a nerdier light than I was previously comfortable being. No more - hey, 2014 Resolution #67! The truth of "overboard" is beginning to dawn - isn't it? Well, be prepared. One resolution was to post pithy platitudes here once a week - each Wednesday. And now, without further adieu, the additional 2014 Resolutions (aka - those I'm willing to post willy-nilly for the whole wide internet world to see - what else did you expect? Someday my kids are going to read these!).

1. Try a new recipe every other week. Yum.

2. Spend each month focused on one thing in various categories. For example - Category: Classical Music; Focus: one "famous" composition of music listened to until we know the name/composer and can recognize it when KMFA plays it. We're cheating a bit with January and starting with Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Kenzie already has specific dance moves to accompany it, priceless people. Priceless.

3. Ooops. Judah just started crying. And it's time to nurse him. Stay tuned for the others. I really love lists...so I'm sure this isn't the end of Resolution List a la Alaina. 

One final note before I "Save & Publish" - its not about making myself better or making the people in my house more enlightened, although please Lord let that be a by-product. It's because each day IS an adventure and an opportunity to worship. God's given us the day, how we respond to that day - both the planning of it and the spontaneous combustion of all those well-crafted orchestrations - is essentially our response to the Creator of that day. It's always my first resolution, my continuous resolution, and the one I fail at most regularly - to God be all Glory: in that diaper change and that awful smell of burning stovetop - all thanks, glory, and honor unto the author of the day, month, and year.

May you be resolved with me. 


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