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That Hardly Seems the Problem

Uri Brito has written a great article over at Kuyperian Commentary on how reformed folk should approach N.T. Wright. There are several valid points so I commend you read it in its entirety but here's a short quote to whet your appetite:

The Reformers did not exhaust the fullness of justification. There is indeed a robustly corporate view of justification that the Reformers–rightly preoccupied with Romish theological abuse–simply did not address explicitly in the 16th century. In this sense, Wright needs to be read and listened to attentively.

Again this is just a snapshot of what is truly an edifying read. I'll leave y'all with this:

Naturally, there is the possibility of over-emphasizing community, but that hardly seems to be the problem in our day. The reality is if you stress the community you get the individual, if you stress the individual you don’t get the community.

As the reformers were dealing with the issues of their day so too must we. N.T. Wright can help us do this. I for one want to expose myself to more of his work.

Again read the whole article here.


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