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Diversity for Unity's Sake?

I don't remember where I heard it yesterday but I was listening to something (perhaps a podcast) where the speaker mentioned how much humanism loves "diversity for diversity's sake".  I thought this was an interesting thought and felt like I would share some of my thoughts about it here. Our culture really does love "diversity". The issue with loving and pursuing diversity is that it shows that you posses no understanding of what humanity is to be.

Before I go any further I would like to state that diversity in the way I am talking about has nothing to do with physical diversity but instead with ideological diversity. In other words, you can have a city full of white people that is an extremely diverse city ideologically & at the same time have a very diverse city, in terms of ethnicities, which is not at all diverse ideologically.

In our day and age the lines between ideology and physicality are being ever blurred. I am sure that you have heard the argument peddled by the LGBT(P) movement that sexuality (ideology) diversity is the same things as racial (physical) diversity. The argument stems from the idea that all diversity is the same and if one form of diversity is good then all forms of diversity are good.

Returning now to the point from paragraph 2.

When all diversity becomes the same and sought after absolutely then there is no understanding of what humanity is and how it is to function. It is impossible to truly embrace diverse understandings of macroeconomics in the world just as it is impossible to embrace the diversity of views on what marriage is.

All sweeping claims for diversity are self-defeating and offer no solution for humanity but instead lead only to chaotic implosion of society.

When it really comes down to it those who call for diversity are really calling for a very distinct (not diverse) vision for humanity that carries the title "diversity".

I say this not to decry the fact that they are not being diverse but instead to decry the fact that so many people have blindly embraced the rhetoric of "diversity" without weighing its claims.

Food for thought.


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