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Weekend Reading

Over this week I have compiled several articles and blogs that I have found really interesting. I thought that I would start a new weekly blog posts on Saturday mornings that shared the most interesting things I have read from the inter webs the week before. Below you can find the links and a short description of some really great reads!

Oprah, Rob Bell, and Faux Self–Empowerment for the Self–Centered:

This was a great article over at the Federalist about the self-centered nature of Oprah and her gang of self-empowerment gurus.

Sola Experienca is For Real:

Over at The Ordinary Pastor the theme of autonomy is addressed in the ways it impacts our view of authority in American Christianity.

Music and Meaning:

One of my favorites, Ken Myers, shows up in an unlikely place (9 Marks) to give some extremely insightful thoughts on whether certain forms of music have intrinsic meaning.

Old Glory, New Breeze:

In his typical manner, Douglas Wilson addresses the Bundy Ranch situation in Nevada.

Tragedy of Sin:

Over at the Colson Center Peter Leithart asks the question of whether Shakespeare was a Christian and looks at how Shakespearian tragedy compares with Aristotle's definition of tragedy in Poetics (this has English nerd written all over it!)

Jacob and the Stone:

Another gem from Peter Leithart on Biblical typology over at the Trinity House Institute's website.

The Rich Man and Lazarus's Big Gulp:

Eric Erickson addresses Bloomberg's comments on buying his way into heaven over at Red State with some great analogies.

On Palm Sunday, Jesus Rides into the Perfect Storm:

N.T. Wright has a wonderful piece on the reality of Palm Sunday still up over on ABC.com's religion section. It's well worth the read!

Meet the Bag Man:

If you're a college football fan and live in the South you won't want to miss this one! An absolutely stunning piece on the nature of buying football recruits! (There is some language throughout.)

What the Law Is For:

Rod Dreher has some good thoughts on the nature of the Law over on his blog at the American Conservative.

The Drugging of the American Boy:

I read about halfway through this long article before it got a little wordy. All that being said, the first half that I did read was really interesting on the nature of the over diagnosis of ADHD in elementary aged school boys.

Enjoy the reading and here's a thoughtful cartoon for you on your way out!


The Silmarillion, The History of Israel & Easter

Girls (and boys and babies) Weekend

Girls (and boys and babies) Weekend