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Weekly Roundup (4/14 - 4/18)

In case you missed any of this week's posts you can find them all by clicking the links below.

Monday: "Clap Along if You Know What Happiness is to You"

Inspired by the booming success of the Pharrell Williams song "Happy" I look at the influence of "individual autonomy" in our culture.

Tuesday: Relativism vs Revelation

A follow up on Monday's post I look at the root of individual autonomy, relativism.

Wednesday: Back When I Was a Baptist

Here I give a brief account of my theological journey from believers baptism to infant baptism.

Thursday: It Starts in the Heart

Considering the amount I address culture and cultural change on this blog I felt that I should right a post that highlights the importance of heart change as the determining factor. This is that post.

Enjoy the reading and look out for a post tomorrow that will be a new weekend feature.


Girls (and boys and babies) Weekend

Girls (and boys and babies) Weekend

Our Greater Exodus