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You'll Never Watch Commercials the Same Again

Your sitting down, watching a sporting event on television and you've come to another commercial break. You pull out your phone and start scrolling through your Twitter feed. You casually look up at the television to see yet another commercial by some large corporation extolling the "Innovation" or the "Advancement" of their company. You may turn back to your phone or you may be sucked in to the commercial which dazzles your eyes with a myriad of differing spectacles ranging from Asian rice farmers to Chemists in a German laboratory. Have you ever noticed how all these commercials are the same? I hadn't really paid much attention to it until someone tweeted this video and now I will never watch one of those commercials the same again! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YBtspm8j8M

I thought it was pretty funny!

What do you think?


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