Postmillennial Eschatology: The Church Is On the Winning Side In History (John Otis)

Postmillennial Eschatology: The Church Is On the Winning Side In History (John Otis)

It was my desire in 2014 to do a better job of presenting arguments and teaching from a postmillennial perspective. This was going to come about in two ways. First, I had liked to teach a class on the subject in the summer or fall of this year. Since that is looking unlikely to happen, I'll being doing some My Take Audio on the subject. Look for those to start soon.

Second, and more pertinent to this post, I am going to be sharing with you a lengthy and productive teaching series from John Otis. Though he is no friend to my perspective on the Federal Vision, I hope that this will be beneficial in tying together many of the concepts that have been discussed previously about eschatology. In both of these endeavors, I'm hoping to work to provide systematic help to the postmillennial perspective.

Each week this introduction will include the description provided from Triumphant Publications,

This was exclusively a preaching session emphasizing the major tenet of Postmillennialism.  This is the eschatology of victory.  This session set the stage for the week long module consisting of 27 lectures.  In this first session, there is an emphasis on preaching and the victory of the Gospel.  One’s present worldview does impact one’s future activity.  We are on the winning side in history because Jesus has all the power.  The Great Commission will be fulfilled prior to His Second Coming.

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