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Weekend Review in Pictures

Garage Sales (show me the money!), Busted Lips, Mermaids, and Sleeping Princes - the undistinguished but ever entertaining life of the Torrey's. 

A Baby’s Lip Bites the Dust

Or the Fro-Yo floor...as happened to our little climber-extraordinare! She was showing off her chair to table routine when her pride was "laid low" aka - she fell and busted her lip. Water, hugs, and frozen yogurt soon made all things better. Except for that swollen lip...that took time.


Snooze like a 3 month old

It takes skill, strength, and a suppleness given only to babies for a snooze like Sir Judah's.


Garage Sale Donuts

Early morning price haggling? Donuts are a must, although I admit, the cuteness of three babies make it that much easier (Kenzie & Judah were joined by their 20 month old cousin Charlie).


Nana for the Win

When we're lucky, a long weekend equals a trip from Nana, Grandad, or both. This holiday gave us Nana - and Judah reaped the benefit! 


Migraines and Mermaids

When Mom gets a migraine, Kenz gets Disney. She rather enjoyed her first playing of the Little Mermaid - it held her attention during all of the songs!


An Open Letter to Karl Barth (Part 3)

An Open Letter to Karl Barth (Part 3)

Questions About Progressive Revelation