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BBC: Introduction to the Psalms

Starting next week, this place will begin to be filled with my second concurrent series of BBC.  As I continue to work through the book of Genesis I have occasionally thought to myself why I am not doing other books as well. So to finish off the year I will be working slowly through the book of Psalms. 

All psalms should be taken as a whole. But this could make for some incredibly long reading. So instead I will be attempting to retain the whole as best I can while providing it in two parts. This may or may not work itself out the way I expect, or desire, but it is a good starting point. 

I'm not sure if my trek through the book of Psalms will finish before the arduous task of Genesis. In either case I am hoping the two will be able to compliment each other over the course of the upcoming year(s).

BBC: Genesis 6:4-6

BBC: Genesis 6:4-6

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