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American Vision: Not Imposing Christianity Through National Law

Let's start a slow introduction to theonomy. What is theonomy? Well, I could describe it to you but then you might be as jaded as I once was. Instead of allowing you to consume any potential misconceptions (heck I could still be very wrong on the issue), I'd prefer for you to hear it straight from the horses mouth.

Many of the individuals I respect and read concerning preterism and postmillennialism are into this theonomy discussion. Today we'll listen to a couple year old video from American Vision.

@3:35: Remember that this is Wayne Grudem's definition of Theonomy, "Theonomists argue that the Old Testament laws that God gave Israel in the Mosaic covenant should be the pattern for civil laws in nations today." This is an oversimplification but nevertheless is principally true. As a Christian, if red flags aren't going up something is wrong. But remember that this is his definition and it is oversimplified to say the least.

@4:08: Christian reconstructionism is principally the eschatological view of success of the church. Essentially this is just postmillennialism. Theonomy is a reference to the civil laws of the OT being re-instituted within the paradigm of the gospel converting the majority of the nations and the nations turning to God.

@6:08: Did you hear that? We cannot change a society politically. Period. End of story. Genuine theonomy cannot attest to this idea nor can it be accused of such a thing. But isn't that what our present day conservative "radical right" try to do? Good things to talk about at another time.

@9:20: Many people have not thought about this argument. And it is because this guys deliver it poorly. The question is a hermeneutical question. The question should be stated "what in Scripture allows us to apply this law but not others?". And this question is incredibly important.

The whole conclusion to the video is essential. Theonomy is not a simplistic running through the OT with your copy/paste function and applying it to today. Widsom must be had with respect to the spiritual intent and purpose of the law. But the question remains, as professing Christians where do we get the fundamental source of our ethics and commandments? Hopefully more investigation will help us each arrive at a Biblical conclusion.

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