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John Lennox: Witness of Daniel in a Pluralistic World (Part 3)

<This video has been removed. If I find it again I'll put it back up.> 

@0:00: I love the way these UK individuals tell stories. Daniel establishes a Godly image. Lennox's own personal story is powerful. Is image important today? Can we even fake an answer of "no"?

@3:00: The philosophy at the heart required them to reject the image and practice of their day. Are we willing to reject "clean" practices to show we demonstrate we reject the philosophy? Or do we hide our heads until it might be less painful to stand out?

@5:50: This is simply awesome. Does God dwell with men? Has Christ come? Has God promised to make His dwelling among us? It is amazing how practical this book is to the world today. Goodness.

@11:25: Positive law. Listen to Lennox. Go open your Bible and read the book of Daniel. Let us discuss one another about the application.

@14:55: Is Jesus Christ the Individual who stands on the flow of your life and history? And does He cause you to stand?

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Bible Blogging Commentary: Genesis 1:2-5