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Basic Training for Defending the Faith: Problems for Unbelieving Worldviews (Greg Bahnsen)

This is the fifth and final part in an "ancient" series on apologetic by the late Greg Bahnsen. He comes from the presuppositional school of apologetics. Hopefully this admittedly dated series will provide some insight into the world of apologetics.

This is a pretty long video. You might have to watch it in multiple sittings.

@10:10: This is an interesting comment. The acceptance of religious thoughts in all people is hard to utilize in any fashion. Paul's situation is one of explanation not proofing. In today's society this requires some substantial pre-discussion just to broach this agreement.

@15:25: I have always found this argument from Paul interesting. The inclusions of secular sources is something Christians today seem fearful of resorting to in modern apologetics. And yet it seems that Paul was both will and able to discuss at both levels. He was able to both "answer a fool" and "not answer a fool". Hmmm.

@32:00: Mr Bahnsen believes there are four questions and topics that will continue to persist for Christian to discuss with non-believers. With reference to absolute morality, I really enjoyed Bahnsen's reflection that modern ethics are the "superstitions" of the Athens.

@56:00: "If naturalism is true, the naturalist has no reason to believe it". Human thinking can be reduced to simple determinism. Which means that their decision to support naturalism is apart from any choice or logic reasoning of the decision. Wonderful confusion.

@1:02:14: This is a wonderful insight. We must  watch the way terms are defined when we are in debate. One of the principal ways I have seen this is quite different from what Bahnsen is discussing but I'll mention it briefly. Too many Christians defend inerrancy as if the gospel story of Jesus Christ is not true without that definition. Well guess what? We've told the world, "okay find any discrepancy in the Bible and I'll have to defend it." But this simply isn't valuable time spent. We need to force the non-believer to define the important texts concerning Jesus as "not true" or "historically inaccurate". And the truth is many have not spent any time thinking on these things. Back to the regularly scheduled program.

@1:15:10: Brace yourself. Bahnsen is about to explode. This is the final proof to Christians. We may not be able to convince everyone of Biblical truth. But we can see the ridiculous hypocrisy of the non-believer and this should move us to confidence and sadness. Confidence in the truth of God and sadness over the rejection of that truth.

Well that ends this series. I hope you have enjoyed listening to these 5 lectures. Hopefully we will get a chance to build on top of and perhaps even against these learned lessons in the future.

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