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Why I'm Glad for Lebron James

So over the past two years Lebron James has received more criticism than any athlete bar maybe Tim Tebow. Especially since he flopped in the NBA Finals last year in the Heat's loss to the Maverick's. Now, I listen to sports radio from time to time and I frequent ESPN.com. Moreover I notice what people say on social media. What have I noticed???

Lebron polarizes audiences.

People love him or hate him.

People are drawn to conflict and Lebron James and the Miami Heat have been the team with the most conflict surrounding them over the past year.

In my opinion much of the criticism over Lebron has been unwarranted. Why do I think this?

Here are three reasons:

  1. He's a team player! Lebron is one of the few super stars in the NBA who is also a great passer. He makes everyone around him better
  2. He plays defense! Lebron is continuously guarding the opponents best player.
  3. He seems to be a responsible individual. Now, I don't know him personally but I do know that he is a not a player that is involved in nefarious off-court activities.

Much of the criticism aimed at Lebron is based on two things. His "Decision" to move from Cleveland to Miami (Who would do that???) and The Big 3's big championship celebration before they had ever even hit the court together. Those two incidents put a bad taste in my mouth as well but honestly that was a long time ago and I think that it is time to move on. I guarantee you that if they could do it over again they would not make the same decisions.

All this being said I think it is safe to say that I am glad for Lebron James and the Heat!


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