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My Thoughts on Presidential Ad Campaigns...

So we all know it is an election year and that means there will be vast amounts of money spent by every presidential hopeful on television ad campaigns that are over the top and degrading to their opponents. Thankfully this explicit show of human depravity can often be quite comical with the ridiculous claims that each candidate seem to place on one another. I am always amused when I hear a certain presidential candidate being accused of not only having fourteen wives (and 1234780987423 affairs) but also desires to enforce the placement of video surveillance in every household so that the government can keep better track of its citizens.

Honestly though I feel that these commercial campaigns are an insult on my humanity and I can only pray that no one is truly convinced by them. I think that it would be very cool if there was a movement that protested these commercials by informing candidates campaigns that they are truly repulsive to the public.

Furthermore, if you think that these campaigns are a recent phenomenon you are wrong...watch the video below ;-)


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