Episode 15 - Brandy, Beer & I'm Batman

Joshua and Corey discuss the recent Hollywood Blockbuster "flop" (financially) Batman v. Superman. Why have Warner Brothers tried to push the DC development so quickly? The audience response to this jam-packed movie has been negative. Joshua and Corey begin to discuss their problems with the movie.

Episode 14 - Academia & Antinomianism

Shane Anderson and Joshua continue to discuss ordination's purpose for academia and the church. How could a strong emphasis on ordination help the health of the local church and parachurch movements? What can be learned from different traditions struggling with the same heresies? How has the parachurch movement helped facilitate doctrinal inerrancies?

Episode 13 - Parachurch & Ordination

Joshua continues his conversation with Shane Anderson on transparency and its impact on the church. How does transparency impact parachurch ministries and how we view speakers/participants? What value would ordination bring to the table on matters of church discipline and the health of evangelicalism?

Episode 12 - Transparency & Trump

The topic of transparency continues as Shane Anderson joins in to offer some thoughts. Why is it that "speaking one's mind" has suddenly become a virtue? Doesn't this lead to anything spoken being virtuous simply by being spoken? How has concept of transparency affected the church and its leadership? How can it help explain the current political cycle and our obsession with Donal Trump? 

Episode 11 - Homework & Transparency

Another beer review results in another reviewed porter — this time from the sunny San Diego, California. In addition, Joshua offers more thoughts on transparency in audio form. There are good and bad forms of transparency — it is important to know the difference. Finally, Joshua thanks individuals for their prayers, messages, and counsel. May the family table of Torrey Gazette continue to grow.

Episode 10 - Eschatology & Evangelical Theology

The art conversation with Blake continues! Can Joshua make it through the podcast without mentioning Barth? That's a stupid question. How can these men find agreement on Audrey Hepburn movies? Let's be passionate about the areas of art that we love. Let's dialogue with Christians and non-Christians.

Episode 5 - Avengers, Barth, & Christmas

What does Judah Markus want to be when he grows up? What is his favorite animal? What is his favorite veggie? Does he want to get married? Inquiring minds want to know! Was Karl Barth a Lutheran? What is this big ordeal about communication of attributes? What is the deal with these Christmas Ales?