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October Book Review

The month of October was pretty crazy. I constantly felt behind on my reading schedule (Sorry IVP, I've got a ton coming your way in November!). I probably felt behind because I was constantly involved with good books. That said, this huge book list had reviews published during the month of October despite a couple of them being read with reviews written prior to the month of October. So buckle up, this one is long (as always, book titles are links to full length reviews).

Book Review: God’s Great Creation by David Miles

Our daughter, who is familiar with the creation account, loved the story. Aware of the Heidelberg Catechism’s answers concerning “Adam and Eve in paradise” she instantly recognized the depiction of “our first parents” and their fall and disobedience. Admittedly, she calls it her “coronation book” (thanks Frozen) but God’s Great Creation has been an excellent addendum to our family worship and Biblical education.