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2014 Reflections: Top 5 Books

At somewhere over 50 books reviewed, after starting in the March timeframe, the sheer number of pages and topics are staggering. Admittedly, these are my Top 5. They are controversial, thought provoking, and utterly excellent for what I needed this year.

Book Review: ESV Reader's Bible

Crossway’s ESV Reader’s Bible is both stylish and reasonably practical. Neither of these things can be undervalued. The Scripture flows wonderfully with absolutely no extra material. Tack on the common book order and the ESV Reader’s Bible is the most accessible Bible for the average reader.

July Book Recap

July is not yet done. But I won't be producing any more book reviews this month. So here was my month of reviews. A couple Bibles, a couple theology books and a whole lot of page turning.