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Reframing the Abortion Question

Christians have hence sought to define personhood at conception in order to ensure these rights and protect life. However, Noland argues the discussion and fight over rights is a particularly western issue and rather abstracted from Christianity.

July Book Recap

July is not yet done. But I won't be producing any more book reviews this month. So here was my month of reviews. A couple Bibles, a couple theology books and a whole lot of page turning. 

The name John Broadus may not ring bells to Baptist anymore. But at one time the name John Broadus could not be separated from the entity that is now the Southern Baptist Convention. Thus John A. Broadus: A Living Legacy (hence referred to as A Living Legacy) was compiled to restore the memory of this one-of-a-kind pastor, preacher, professor, and seminary president. Edited by David Dockery and Roger Duke, the book presents the life and history of John Broadus and his monumental efforts in educating Baptists, especially Southern Baptists, throughout his life.