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Book Hit-list for Systematic Theology

So I recently posted my "Top Ten" theological books to recommend. That was all fun but it left a ton of books of the list. So I'm going to post about some of the books that got left off. I'm sure there may be better books available but I either don't own them, haven't finished reading them or can't in good conscious recommend them.

Systematic Theology

Robert Reymond - A New Systematic Theology

This is was a very important book in my life. It was the first complete systematic theology that I read straight through. I've read other theologies over time out of order but I disciplined myself to start at the front and end at the back. It took a long time (1252 pages) but it was worth it. The section on Christology and decrees were the most beneficial. Reymond was a Supralapsarian and provided a strong argument on a subject that I hadn't previously addressed.

Augustus H. Strong - Systematic Theology

The great Calvinist Baptist. I utilized this theology when developing my TOBC101. I wanted to be extremely careful in my depiction of all doctrines and leaned heavily upon his work in a couple areas. He was incredibly insightful in my development of church discipline public and church discipline private. He was also past of the straw bundle that broke my eschatological back. Strong was a dedicated postmillennialist (a historical-hybrid sort). Even though I remain in disagreement on his interpretation of Revelation 20, I was persuaded that postmillennialism was the clear teaching of scriptures and permitted multiple options to interpreting such a difficult passage.

Louis Berkhof - Systematic Theology & A Summary of Christian Doctrine

This remains one of the best Reformed theologies available. The reason I include it here though is principally because of the condensed versions available. A Summary of Christian Doctrine is about as concise as it gets and is an outstanding book to have available for quick reference. Berkhof and I don't see eye to eye on a few things but this small volume is priceless.

Michael Pomazansky - Orthodox Dogmatic Theology

I had to put at least one things on here that is a little off the radar. This was one of the first Eastern Orthodox theologies that I owned and read. EO does not do systematic theology the way that other theological traditions do. It is mystical. It is devotional. This is not an introduction to their theology but an exposition of it. It has been a wonderful reference to me in my studies.

Christian Worship, Pagan Worship, & Government Worship

What Is the Kingdom of God? (Part 1 or Davidic Kingdom and Jesus’ Messianic Reign) (John Otis)