Lord's Prayer Meditation: “Deliver” is Historical

“But deliver us from the evil”

Meditation 1: “Deliver” is Historical

We have discussed that temptation is natural to fallen man and we need deliverance. When Christ taught this portion of the prayer it was not spoken in a vacuum. The history of Israel is built upon their deliverance from Egypt (Exo 6-12). Israel was delivered from their bondage to Egypt and the difficulties of their labor.

After this event, God’s relationship to the people was never the same. Instead of simply being the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Exo 3:6), God became the One who redeemed them from Egypt (Exo 20:2). God even proclaimed He “gave Egypt as a ransom” (Isa 43:3). God relates as a provider of deliverance. And we should pray for this provision.

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