Book Review: Alby’s Amazing Book by Catalina Echeverri

Illustrator: Catalina Echeverri

Publisher: thegoodbook

Reading Level: Leisure

Pages: 32

Alby’s Amazing Book is based on an original text by Mary Elizabeth Blume. Following a rather daring squirrel, Alby’s Amazing Book depicts the benefits of reading stories and experiencing adventures. Ultimately, Alby’s great fascination is focused on a very special book (the Bible). With respect to the story and narrative, it has been hard to communicate this overarching theme to our children. While both are young (the oldest almost 3), a tremendous amount of reading takes place in our house. Despite their attentive minds (and recalling of pertinent details), the narrative itself doesn’t really seem to be sticking.

Illustrated by Catalina Echeverri, the visual elements of Alby’s Amazing Book are outstanding and are clearly superior to the narrative/text. When pressed, our oldest has commented on the beautiful pictures and she is absolutely correct. The illustrations vividly present Bible stories, blending Biblical text itself into the background. The effect is a stunning book from front to back. With wrapping text, bolded words, and even one alternate direction page (e.g. Rahab’s rescues from Jericho), Alby’s Amazing Book is a delight to view.

In conclusion, Alby’s Amazing Book has been a happy read in our household. The children have enjoyed the illustrations and our explanation of the Biblical scenes depicted. This book seems better suited for children already familiar with the Bible and capable of following the narrative.

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