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Analyzing the Atonement: Introduction

Analyzing the Atonement: Introduction

As requested, I am beginning a very interesting series on the atonement. I have spoken in private, usually quite briefly, on my view that the Protestant church truly does struggle with Christ's death. To many this sounds absurd. Most Protestant are sure the one thing they understand is Christ's death.

They might be true and I might be wrong. But I'm convinced that there is much that can be learned from the Scriptures and Church history that help to focus on minds and hearts on what the Scriptures say about Christ's death.

In this series I intend on doing three things. First, I want to walk through as many of the historical views on Christ's death and the atonement as I can. This may include some views that are relatively unheard of and/or "useless" to modern thinkers. Hopefully this will allow everyone to get a glimpse at the transition in thought within the church. Maybe this will even transition some of our thoughts on the Scriptures.

Second, I would like to address some of the most important passages that I think point to Christ and His death. Some of these will be more typological than others. Some will be well known and others will be more obscure. In the end though, it will be helpful to see the different passages, at least briefly, that can affect our decision.

Finally, I intend on finally cementing some of my own views on the atonement. This of the three tasks is the most personally frightening. But I guess we'll truly see where this all gets us.

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