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"Brief Inquisition?" you ask?

According to the American English Dictionary "Inquisition" is: "a severe interrogation". This definition is seems a bit more harsh than that given by the dictionary widget on my macbook's dashboard which describes "Inquisition" as: "a period of prolonged and intensive investigation." Although the AED is probably a better source, for the sake of this blog lets follow Mac's dashboard widget. You "inquisitive" readers might be wondering: "why use the definition that immediately creates a contradiction in the title of your blog?" I'm glad you ask!

In my opinion blogging is not something that provides a complete answer, they are "brief". Ever since I have been exposed to the blogging world I have noticed that blogs, more than anything else, are used to spark my interest. The blogs that I most enjoy reading are those that send me immediately to Wikipedia to get more information. It is from this ground that I have chosen the first word for my blog name "brief".

At the same time however those blogs that I most enjoy reading are not about topics that are to be considered for a brief amount of time. They are topics that are to be looked into, inquired if you will ;-). It is from this ground that I chose the second word in my title "inquisition".

In my opinion a good blog should accomplish two things:

  1. Spark the interest of the reader by consciously being brief, and
  2. Fail to fully expound on a topic thus prompting the reader to further inquiry.

If Brief Inquisition? can spark the interest of those who read it, in any given topic, and allow room for further research in the topic then I will consider my blogging endeavors to be a success.

I hope to post an entry any where from 2-4 times a week on various subjects including but not limited to:

  • Ideas about theology and philosophy,
  • English literature,
  • Cultural phenomenon,
  • Occasional Youtube humor,
  • And most likely things about how much I love my iPhone and how dogs are better than cats.
Feel free to stop by anytime!
"The heart never takes the place of the head: but it can, and should, obey it."
- C.S. Lewis

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