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State, Status & Stature

This is no State of the Union. But it is in it's childhood veins. This is a post to discuss the state of this blog. My posting has been down as I've made an effort to read more. There have been book reviews almost every week for the last couple months and I've be loving it. I've blogged occasionally about the things I've learned and I'm going to focus on doing that more. I have a great slew of books on my night stand. I have two outstanding volumes from Fortress Press. I have an SBC biography on one of my heros John Broadus. I have a Biblical Theology (by a premillennialist) that I will be recommending. And then I finally have a couple books floating around waiting to be read in due time. 

This blog is also in a state of flux concerning it's affiliation. My household has departed from the Baptist church we were serving. We're visiting Presbyterian church and enjoying the higher liturgy. But it means the things and world around me is changing. I'm seeing different things and liturgy might make a break into my writing. 

The third state of flex deals more directly with writing. I had a blog posts scheduled that I sent to some people. Said people said "you gotta develop that." And so one post turned in multiple blog posts. Then it moved to a word document. And now it's skirting 20k words with more on the way.

Essentially my blog post has turned into three chapters for a book. I'm still working on trying to write regular blog posts. I'm committed to picking back up my BBCs. Consistent (albeit simple) exegesis is important to me. But the major focus if my writing will be to finish off these chapters and see what develops.

So that's the state of the blog. Things are changing. I'm attempting to address those changes while enjoying the benefits. Reviews. Liturgy. An extensive output on the Holy Spirit and the New Covenant. That's what is coming.

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