Joe Rigney & Douglas Wilson: Jonathan Edwards - The Church

 @0:20: Good theologians/pastors never have trouble at their church. Riiight. Take it away Doug.

@1:30-4:12:  "Conversion theology" is so destructive. This whole situation is a good example of the troubles that can occur from being unmerciful towards Covenant Nature and "growing up Christian". The whole idea of a "half-way covenant" is a sloppy answer to a poor church structure.

@4:18:  As of today I am in agreement with Doug on this fully. A "born again" heart is necessary. But I'm not waiting for a conversion moment. As a faithful Calvinist I believe God can regenerate before, during and after baptism, even infant baptism.

@9:30:  This is the best analogy ever. It gets better each time I hear it.

@13:32: This is correct. This is also why I adhere to the classical "definitions" of a healthy church: 1) preaching of the word, 2) administration of the sacraments and 3) church discipline. I am a strong advocate of this in our TOBC101 class as well even including a whole week's lesson to church discipline. 

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