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Joe Rigney & Douglas Wilson: Jonathan Edwards - Introduction

I'm not really a fan of Edwards. But I've found myself with some resources on him that need to be consumed. As a way of sharing the fun, I'll be posting these canonwired videos on Edwards. And I will be interacting with them in a timeline manner.

@1:00: I personally found this funny. Poor Finney gets such a bad name. Perhaps rightfully so but it still makes me laugh.

@1:30: Doug's Postmillennial roots are pretty amazing. I do think that Wesley was also a moderate postmillennial thinker so Doug would have been in good company.

  @4:45: This is an interesting concept and topic. The recorded "excess" of the revivals is well notes. However, I've often felt that this type of discernment is needing even in non-revival times. Dramatic "passing out" and "filling of the Spirit" is not lifted up as the standard for conversion in every church these days. But we do have more subtle things: going to prayer meeting, tithing, sharing the gospel, serving in a ministry, etc. And these things can be just as excessive and detrimental to the church, in the long run, if they are done as a means to convince people of conversion. Perhaps though this is my extreme focus on the role discipleship and not conversion to Christian encouragement poking its head out again.

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