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Doug Wilson: Leaving a Church Over Baptism/Communion Differences?

In conclusion to my recent set of posts on the sacraments, the obvious question would be why I stay put in a Baptist church that does not agree on my family's view on the sacraments. Note that I don't say mine. My family will be taught my view on the sacraments and they will be taught this against the doctrine of the church we attend. So then why would I stay somewhere that disagrees so fundamentally? Well, let us hear Doug out and I'll give some responses along the way.

@0:38: Am I in a place of ecclesiastical desert? No. I'm an elder at our church and participate in teaching the fundamentals of both Christian theology and Baptist theology (you don't have to agree to teach it faithfully). We are moving to increase the teaching department of our children's program. I'm in charge of this movement. Why would I move my family?

@1:40: News flash guys! We destroy the sacraments when we split over their administration. It is an embarrassment to Christ that His body can't look past these things. And in many capacities all denominations have failed in this. But particularly the Baptist denomination has failed to permit the inclusion of Reformed individuals into their communities. John Calvin, Martin Luther and John Wesley (and many others) could not be members of my church! Let that sink in for a moment.

So what am I suppose to do but attempt faithfulness where God has placed me? Now imagine if our churches were full of people trying to do that...I don't think we'd care about baptismal practices anymore. We'd look past these differences and serve side by side. Or are we not all members of the same body?

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