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Preterism: A Douglas Wilson Explanation

Since I know preterism is a new phenomena for many Baptists and Evangelicals, I'm going to dedicate a few posts solely to the explanation and introduction of Preterism. Many of these introductions will be from individuals I respect, who have proven themselves to be clear communicators of the subject. First up is one of my favorite Reformed and Postmillenniall beer drinkers, Douglas Wilson...

You may not appreciate it yet but I love how Doug is able to politely describe the difference between Partial and Full Preterism. It is absolutely crucial to mark a difference in the beliefs. Even in my brief time as a preterist the first question that almost always gets asked is "so what is still future?". And it is the answer to that question that makes the difference between being within the Orthodox faith and being outside of an accepted position in church history.

As a reassurance to readers, I am not a Full Preterist. However, you'll quickly notice that there are very few prophetic passages that I read as still remaining for Christian (e.g. 1 Cor 15, 1 Thess 4). In my opinion, those these passages are few, they maintain a defense for the bodily resurrection, visible return of Jesus Christ and the restoration of creation for the eternal dominion of God.

Please note that I will occasionally interact with Full Preterist material in this blog. They often have very good things to say! I will provide warning when dealing with a Full Preterist and will comment when I disagree.

At the end of the video Doug recommends the following books:

Keith Mathison: Postmillennialism (Available at the Torrey Library)

Douglas Wilson: Heaven Misplaced

Kenneth Gentry: He Shall Have Dominion (First Edition PDF)

Next Monday there will be a longer post on the Olivet Discourse to help us walk through some Biblical application of Preterism as well as more Reformed Preterist resources.

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