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Doug Wilson: Politics and Compromise

I was previously under the assumption that Doug was a theonomist. Apparently Good Doug here is not a theonomist. I still think this would make for an interesting question and answer concerning politics.

@1:48: Doug has a problem with the lying associated with politics. Doug has no problem with compromise but we should be honest about what our goals are and what our next increments are going to be. Is the church as convinced and clear as Doug is in how to make compromise and make improvement in politics?

@4:06: Please Doug help me know the different between an ally and co-belligerent. Allies share reasons. Co-belligerents share purpose without sharing reasons. We must be clear about what we share with those we side with and keep our status clean (2 Cor 6:17).

@7:30: Keep your head down till you can make a difference? Or stand up and be placed in the proper place by God? Dr Lennox and Daniel anyone?

I think Doug makes some good points. I think I need more time to think and dwell on what is being said but I principally agree.

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